Radio, The Sound of Year-Round Pleasure

February 21, 2010

National Radio Month Kit, May – 1965

“The ’65 Jingles…
…From studio to tape, to lacquer, to mother, to stamper and on to mass production

~from sleeve notes.

This is a rip of a record I found recently that was apparently a set of ID spots put out by the National Association of Broadcasters, via the Radio Advertising Bureau.
It’s a snappy Big Band arrangement around the theme The Sound of Year-Round Pleasure with some variants. The first one is a minute long with “Fifteen Second Doughnut” for affiliated stations to insert their station ID, etc. No doubt you’ve been hearing me having fun, sticking seemingly disparate things in that opening on my shows recently.
The last is a pretty funny “Rock-and-Roll” version that’s pretty white, uptight and pre-Hippie sounding.

Interesting facts:

  • The record was lock-groove, so I had to manually move the needle to the next cut.
  • It’s credited to arranger Keith Textor
  • The spaces between cuts were huge. It was easy to drop a needle on a cut, but was irritating to cue.
  • Session guitar player Tommy Kay is in the band
  • Everything was repeated on the flipside. I didn’t realize this until I had nearly recorded the other half of the other side.
  • It looks like there may have been a thick book inside the gatefold sleeve; Its spine is as thick as a copy of Cosmo.

Download (re-upped 06/04/12)

For more on radio jingles and ID packages, I recommend Norman Barrington’s radio pages here.


One comment

  1. Thank you for this one.

    There’s a blog that has a lot of radio commercials, generic jingles, and stock music here:

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