Stevens and Grdnic

Somewhere Over the Radio
Takoma (1979)

Really funny – albeit somewhat dated – comedy record built around the concept of late-Seventies FM radio. Some of it’s really good and I remember hearing bits of this on my local burnout classic Rock station back in the day.

The production values are great and the humor stays within the lowbrow to highbrow range, with oodles of dope references and lots of slams to the crass commercialization of radio. It reminds me somewhat of The National Lampoon Radio Hour – especially the post-Michael O’Donoghue period.

Some funny bits are one about a giant rock festival with $85 dollar tickets (which is chicken-feed nowadays), a running gag about a punk rock band called Garbage and a rock opera about a duck named Herman.
Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic (pronounced grid-nick) were a comedy team who also worked in radio. Apparently, they are still working together in the syndicated radio market. Joy is still drop-dead gorgeous, too.


  1. Tuning In
  2. Bogus Concerts
  3. Ron Pentecost
  4. Rock & Roll Toy
  5. No Parking
  6. Today’s Weather
  7. Speed Reading
  8. Steve McNab
  9. Bend Over Beethoven
  10. Jesse Jeff Westchester
  11. Dermadrug
  12. Hiwater Pants
  13. Movie Trivia Giveaway
  14. Do It
  15. Unisex Stereo
  16. Miss Information pt.I
  17. Joe Brackne
  18. Miss Information pt.II
  19. Fun & Fresh
  20. Miss Information pt.III
  21. Marijuana Helper
  22. Herman
  23. Massage Parlor
  24. Rocko Products
  25. We’re Really Gonna Make It This Time
  26. Disco Record Offer
  27. Tuning Out

Note: My rip varies from the LP with regard to tracks. I separated out a few tracks to make it work better in MP3 playback. This doesn’t affect the order or running time, but makes a few more tracks than that which is listed on the LP.

Download (Re-upped 12/26/12 – when it’s gone, it’s gone.  You’re welcome.).


  1. I love you. My album was stolen in Germany by some A-hole. You are beyond amazing. Thank you.
    Nose to knees.

  2. I actually used to have this album on vinyl back in the early 80s. Amazed it still exists. Can you post a photo of the album cover’s flip side? I believe it shows (Ron) Stevens & (Joy) Grdnic.

  3. Wish I could oblige you, Night Flight. I don’t possess a decent scanner. Thinking about sending it with a friend who does and reposting it with the front and back sometime in the future.

    1. I’ve uploaded it to Mediafire. When it’s gone, it’s gone. I don’t post albums anymore but this one’s gotten a lot of hits and requests as of late. Please consider downloading it and hosting it on your blog.

  4. Oh my…my friends and I used to listen to this CONSTANTLY when we were all DJ’s on my middle school’s “cable FM” radio station in the early 80’s. We thought this was just as good as any SNL skit or other comedy albums of the time. I’ve been searching for this for a LOOOOOONG time. Thanks!!!

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