The Kill Ugly Radio Adventure Hour Update

Hi all!
After a glorious and fun filled year there, The Kill Ugly Radio Adventure Hour will no longer be broadcast out of WSU’s KOUG Radio.
That’s right. I am moving the whole ugly operation to my Larch Mountain Absurdatorium, which is handy, since that’s where all my records are. No more lugging heavy crates across the campus. No more parking fees. No more equipment that I didn’t make or break myself – and better yet, I don’t have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom.

So, in this transitional phase, Kill Ugly Radio will continue on in podcast form while I investigate and experiment with streaming options. If you want to be part of the receiving end of webcasting transmission experiments, stay tuned to this space. You will be directed where to tune in and when.
The show will be available as a regular podcast, subscribe-able by iTunes, Feedburner, etc. You can even search for Kill Ugly Radio in the iTunes store podcast directory. That’s right! I’m in Steve Jobs’ little store and for free.

I am also soliciting advice as to when you would be more likely to listen to a live mixed radio show, since the new option may give me much more wiggle room where scheduling goes.
Would you rather listen to weird music mixed by me when you’re cooking dinner, eating dinner, going to bed or lying awake at night with night terrors?
Feel free to drop me a line with ideas, etc….

Subscribe to Kill Ugly Radio Podcast via iTunes (You need an iTunes account, if you don’t already)
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