Radio Lost and Found for April

April 10, 2010

As some of you may know, Kill Ugly Radio is on a brief hiatus while I fine-tune my home studio and set up a more permanent streaming schedule that will allow me to continue the broadcast from home, at a time that more people would be willing to listen to it live.

Until then, I am also doing my monthly show at KBOO, Radio Lost and Found. It’s on every second Friday, from 10pm to Midnight.

Here’s my latest episode from last night. I am posting it here so that it appears as a Kill Ugly Radio podcast for subscribers and in the iTunes Podcast directory.


Playlist below the fold:

Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Steven Jesse Bernstein – More Noise Please – Prison
Steve Fisk – Firing Line – Over and Through the Night
Steve Fisk – Government Figures – Over and Through the Night
The Tape Beatles – Deeper – Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse
Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller – Cleanliness and Order – Dark Skratcher Comp.
Craig Burk – There and Now – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Dennis Duck – Jingles – Dennis Duck Goes Disco
Gadgetto – Red Pearl – Gadgetto.com
The Residents – High Horses – High Horses
John Cook – And God Gave Me a Fix
Como Carousel – Moon River/Hello Dolly – Sweet Thunder Found Tape Archives
Non Credo – Ask the Bearded Lady – Reluctant Hosts
William Loose/Russ Meyer – ‘European Women Sure Know How to Treat a Man’ – Supervixens OST
Throbbing Gristle – Perception is the Only Reality – Third Mind Movements
Broken Penis Orchestra – Side A – Psychedelic Sex Show (Cassette)
Angelo Badalamente – Jones and Truman – Unreleased Twin Peaks Tracks
Angelo Badalamente – Lana’s Dance – Unreleased Twin Peaks Tracks
Angelo Badalamente – Windom’s Deck – Unreleased Twin Peaks Tracks
Angelo Badalamente – Laura’s Theme (solo piano) – Unreleased Twin Peaks Tracks
Ken Nordine – Sound Museum – Best of Word Jazz Vol. I
Cultural Amnesia – Here to Go – Sinclair’s Luck
Non Credo – Big Teeth – Happy Wretched Family
Igor Wakhévitch – Aimantation/Materia Prima – Docteur Faust
The Mothers of Invention – Chromeplated Megaphone of Destiny – We’re only in it for the money
William Loose/Russ Meyer – Harry’s Ascension – We’ll Meet In The Sweet Bye – Supervixens OST

The whole episode is also posted here.


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