Michael Jackson Memorial Ambient Mix

Hard to believe, but the King of Pop has been dead for a year.
Here’s something I did live shortly after his death:

Here’s a live mix I did in real time of the heavily saturated media coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial at The Staples Center. I started rolling with the press’ breathless reportage of the motorcade and all the fan reactions and the like. I also mixed in live sounds from a Southern California HAM radio repeater station and some looping sounds from a Buddha Machine 2.
It was recorded using the exact same methods as my live Obama Inauguration mix here.

I ended it just prior to the beginning of the memorial service. The mix isn’t meant to be disrespectful of Michael or his fans; just my way of processing the craziness of our media. It’s a little long and probably not too terribly interesting as music goes but is a time capsule, of sorts.


1 Comment

  1. i heard some of this when you first did it… i think how you did it makes sense, because of the absurdity of all of this. (a. he was not at the fake AEG memorial. nor is he at forest lawn. the press already gave that away. the family will not reveal where he is.

    and the ticket thing… it’s a big show. there’s no concern for michael’s legacy, or his teachings.

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