Kill Ugly Radio for 07/06/10

July 7, 2010

Getting most of the bugs out of my home set up. I am going to start streaming every week now, if I can. We’ll see.

Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Art Clokey – All Broken Up – Gumby
Hippie Freaking Out Over Double Rainbow – YouTube
Paris Studio Group – Accroche Toi, Caroline – Sound Gallery vol. 2
Alberta Casey – Flugadi (Volare) – San Diego Vokas
Alberta Casey – Ponto Trans Akvo Storma (Bridge Over Troubled Water) – San Diego Vokas
Nina Hagen – Wir Leben Immer Noch – Nina Hagen 10″
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number – Stateless
French Cast – Aquarius – Hair
Heribert Thusek/Horst Ackermann – Hit Parade in the Light Year 25 – Science Fiction Dance Party
Heribert Thusek/Horst Ackermann – Whistling Astronaut – Science Fiction Dance Party
Tin Huey – I’m a Believer – Contents Dislodged During Shipping
The Plastics – Top Secret Man – 7″ version
DJ Pantshead – Introduction – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Our Jukebox Prayer – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Rock Me Almondeus – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Wild Fifth – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Run On The Wild Side – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Human Radio Station – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Infuckingcredible – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – I Feel War – Ritalin Ruckuss
DJ Pantshead – Eplicious – Ritalin Ruckuss
The Bran Flakes – Coocoo Dada – Unreleased
The Bran Flakes – Hi! – I Have Hands
The Bran Flakes – Butterfly Rodeo – I Have Hands
The Bran Flakes – KLAM – I Have Hands
The Bran Flakes – Stumble Out Of Bed – I Have Hands
Laibach – Le Privilege Des Morts – Kapital
Scifisol – Stilleto – Scifisol
David Harvey – Crises of Capitalism – YouTube
Laibach – Wirtschaft ist Tot (Jungle Beats) – Wirtschaft ist Tot 12″
Emergency Broadcast Network – Electronic Behavior Control System – Telecommunication Breakdown
Laibach – Wirtschaft ist Tot (Detroit Mix) – Wirtschaft ist Tot 12″
Mark Stewart – Pay It All Back – As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade
Billygoat – Dioscuri I – Billygoat
Billygoat – Dioscuri II – Billygoat
Neil Hamburger – Pablo Cruise Hotline – Great Phone Calls
Hunter S. Thompson – Customer Service Freakout Message
John Andrew Tartaglia – I Am the Walrus – Tartaglian Theorum


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