Show from 07/20/10

July 21, 2010

Fun Show. I got to play a lot of weird (and scratchy) religious and patriotic records I’ve had lying around, some bad celebrity disco and even finally managed to play some of the delightfully glitchy ambient pop of Qua.


Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Shure Corp. – An Audio Obstacle Course
Pet Records – Intro/Hello – Teach Your Parakeet to Talk
Joseph Nechvatal – Side One – Sleep
Contemporary Casuals – Listen To a Man With No Voice – Best of Contemporary Casuals
People Like Us – Listen to the – Abridged Too Far
Ruth White – Mists and Rain – Flowers of Evil
Scott Johnson – Universal Phenomenon – Crossing the Boarder
Scott Johnson – John Somebody – John Somebody
Rick Potts Band – Platform Swimfins – Dark Skratcher comp.
Gamelan X – Hot Crossed Bronze – Untitled Promo CD
Gamelan X – Hanuman’s Leap – Untitled Promo CD
Milton Babbitt – Composition for Synthesizer – Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center
Unknown – Wild Men Made Well – Unknown Christian 7″
Unknown – Jesus Loves the Little Ones – Unknown Christian 7″
Unknown – Jesus and I Go To Hell – Found Tape (360 Days Project)
John Cook – Side Two – And God Gave Me a Fix
Otto Luenning – Gargoyles – Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center
Marilyn Chambers – Benihana – Benihana 7″
Britt Ekland – Do It To Me – Do It To Me 7″
Inger Nilsson – Keep On Dancing – Keep On Dancing 12″
John Wayne – Drunken Blathering – PCL Linkdump Comp.
John Wayne – Why Are You Marching? – PCL Linkdump Comp.
The Hagars – Motherhood, Apple Pie and the Flag – 7″
Sen. Everett McKinley – Gallant Men – Gallant Men
Savage Republic – Real Men – Tragic Figures
D Boon – My Part – English as a Second Language
Charles Bukowski – Recess Bells of School – Hostage
Ken Nordine – Anytime, Anytime – Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
Qua – Painting Monsters – Painting Monsters on Clouds
Qua – on Clouds – Painting Monsters on Clouds
Qua – Luckybuster – Painting Monsters on Clouds
Sandoz – Spiritual Vibe – Chant to Jah
Wendy Mae Chambers – Star Spangled Banner – Femirama Radio



  1. Wow – you’ve actually got a copy of “English as a Second Language”? I had it and “Patter Traffic” back in the day. I loved both of those records. Can’t find them anywhere online now.

  2. NO! I wish!
    Believe it or not, it’s a fragment from a tape that someone gave me over 20 years ago.
    I would sell a kidney for that album!
    I’ve been looking for a while and any spoken word aficionados I know – when asked – think I am making the album up.
    Let me know if you have any leads to a download and I’ll do the same.

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