Show from 07/27/10

July 28, 2010


I am too lazy to playlist it properly and I did a poor job of documenting the what and the where, so I’ll just cloud what I played, more or less:
Some Old Organ Grinder Pizza doing the 2001 theme, some Synergy from the Cosmos soundtrack, Some Klaus Wunderlich, Porn for the Blind (really), Al Adamson’s horrible Dracula vs Frankenstein, two How to CB records, some Richard H, Kirk from his album Virtual States, The John Noble Story (anti-Commie horror), some orchestra music with electronic effects by Swedish Radio Service, some Zoviet France, some D.S. Crofts and Adam Cornford, some Jim Larrance (of No Soap Radio), Groucho, Lou Reed, a guy called Freddy K., some Stevens and Grdnic, some odd Clash song from Sandinista (for those of you who have never played sides 5 & 6 of it), some Vic Coppersmith-Heaven, some Test Dept. mixed in with Laibach and that’s about it.


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