Show from 08/06/10: UFO’s and You

August 7, 2010

A free-flowing psychotronic mix of UFO themes and spacey sounds.

Last night I substituted on KBOO and devoted an entire show to UFO’s. I’m in this weird position of being fascinated by the UFO phenomenom up to a point – especially the earliest reports from the late-forties and up to the late seventies – while also being a complete UFO skeptic. I don’t believe that creatures from another planet are visiting earth, for a lot of scientific, logistical reasons. Oh, I know! They have a greater understanding of science, therefor they can break all of the rules of what we think we know. And they evolved on a planet light years from Earth, yet appear to be humanoid, which most biologist tell us would be like two snowflakes looking exactly alike. Could happen, who knows? Also, why would they visit in secret, then leave copious amounts of evidence and leave their terrestrial PR to some of Earth’s oddest misfits?
But I do love documentaries made between the 50’s and the 70’s. I can’t watch enough of them. It seems like after that, the UFO mythos takes on a quasi-religious/apocalyptic aspect that makes me even more skeptical, whereas before, the reports of sightings and encounters seem somewhat plausible and the reportees seem a little more valid and not cultish goofballs or people looking to make a name for themselves by becoming an expert in a field no legitimate scientist or investigator would care to go.

I don’t know. But the subject fascinates me from time to time. Add to that the fact that there’s been a few sightings in our area of weird lights in the sky last month and at least one report of triangular light formations flying overhead.

Also, I love UFO documentaries. Especially ones made before the 80’s. I’m not sure why. UFO abductions and Roswell get scant mention in older documentaries. It’s worth noting. The Roswell case didn’t pick up steam again until the 80’s and 90’s, when countless authors and more ‘witnesses’ than you could shake a stick at came out of the woodwork to resurrect the formerly dismissed story.

Here’s the show!


Double Rainbow Man, UFOs – It Has Begun (1979): w/Rod Serling, Jose Ferrer, Burgess Meredith, Jacques Vallee, The UFO Factor (70’s), Project UFO (Jack Webb), The Brady Bunch “Out of This World” (1974), DJ Erwtenpeller’s brilliant Dubstep War of the Worlds, Dracula vs Frankenstein (Al Adamson, ’69)
The Orb, Brizbomb, Cabaret Voltaire, Scifisol, DJ Erwtenpeller, Bill Laswell and M.J. Harris, Larry Carlson, Eat Static, Shpongle and more…



  1. Good Greetings Rich.

    Thanks for the IPA in the Cabaret Voltare post; have never tried that popular brew.

    Tend to be a member of the PBR Street Gang my self (always trying to get contact with Almighty, natch).
    M’Lady is back which means the sunshine is back in my day, replacing the moonshine, which is a good thing for me, actually. At my age, I can only enjoy short stays in the Man Cave, anymore. “Youth is wasted on the young;” in my estimation, that is a pretty accurate assessment.

    At any rate, want to thank you for posting a download of that Cybernetics instructional. Am wondering if you could do the same (strictly at your convenience) with an other informational that you have weaved into some of your collages, and if you mind my pestering you so?

    The piece I am interested in dowloading is that great one on using Citizens Band radio lingo (the one with the authority narrator and those hilarious examples of “trucker talk.” I used to long-haul for a spell in the nineties, and I found that folks spoke like that not-at-all. I wonder if they ever really did, the actual truckers. Although “chicken shack” was used to refer to DOT weigh station’s, and when I asked a passing trucker, via CB, if he knew whether or not the scales were closed (it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and I wasn’t sure if it were a legal holiday or not, being a neophyte driver at the time), and he cameback: “Yeah, they’re celebrating the niggers.” Too bad I couldn’t have recorded it with a mic. Guess conservtaives are right and that isn’t really any bigotry in the great country of ours.

    Sorry – blathering on.

    Also, the download of Joyce’s ‘Mort Aux Vaches’ appears to dead at Rapidshare (thanks for utilising RS, by the way); could you upload it again, please?

    Thought I’d give you some links to blogs that you might feature to reciprocate:

    And here’s a great art sitethat I think you will really dig if you’re not already familiar with it:

    Hope there’s some entertainment for you to be had from some of the above.
    Bye for now.

    Postscript: have you ever heard/ heard of the musical group, ‘Vagabond Opera,’ out of Portland?

  2. […] that is very near and dear to my heart (I’ve previously done UFO related shows here and here), but I also got to do a long-form collage show, which I haven’t done much of lately. I […]

  3. […] that is very near and dear to my heart (I’ve previously done UFO related shows here and here), but I also got to do a long-form collage show, which I haven’t done much of lately. I […]

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