New Episode Over at Radio Lost and Found

August 15, 2010

I’ve posted the latest episode of my monthly KBOO radio program Radio Lost and Found over at its archive blog:

Radio Lost and Found for August

Blame it on the heat.
A somewhat rude and snarly show: After some lovely little interludes with Portland’s Billygoat and Australian tweaktronica artists Qua, the show takes a number of weird left turns into seamy neighborhoods. We visit Porn for the Blind, a segment I’ve been doing on my other program…

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You may notice some repetition of music or segments between Kill Ugly Radio and Radio Lost and Found and vice versa, as I sort of use my weekly Kill Ugly Radio program as a testbed for mixes, sequences – and hell – it’s hard to come up with hours and hours of radio programming.

Radio Lost and Found airs every second Friday night, from 10pm to Midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on KBOO Community Radio (90.7 FM in Portland OR and worldwide at www.kboo.fm/listen.).

You can subscribe to Radio Lost and Found as a podcast with this link, or by visiting the Radio Lost and Found podcast page at iTunes.


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