Kill Ugly Radio for 08/31/10

September 1, 2010

Summer’s almost over. You can feel it here in Southwest Washington. It’s already gray and rainy.
Lots of rain and flood related songs start off this show, then we go walking into the fog with Peter Hammill, frontman from Van Der Graaf Generator and his own amazing solo LPs (I own a few of them). We shift gears abruptly into a mini-set with Shockabilly, who I will be featuring in about a month.
We then shifted gears again and tell Glenn Beck to go fuck himself.


Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
The Black Pope – I’m a Human Radio Station – 365 Days Project
Peter Gabriel – Across the River – Music and Rhythm
Robert Fripp – Water Music I – Exposure
Robert Fripp – Here Comes the Flood – Exposure
Robert Fripp – Water Music II – Exposure
Godley and Creme – Flood – Consequences
Jim Larrance – Flood Tape – Best of No Soap Radio
Century 21 – Pro Basics – Steamroller
Loudon Wainright III – Summer’s Almost Over – T-Shirt
Kathy McCarty – I Had a Dream – Dead Dog’s Eyeball
Peter Hammill – Fog Walking – Black Box
Peter Hammill – Labour of Love – Patience
Peter Hammill – Institute of Mental Health – Nadir’s Big Chance
Peter Hammill – Red Shift – Silent Corner, Empty Stage
Peter Hammill – The People You Were Going To – Nadir’s Big Chance
Robert Fripp – Breathless – Exposure
Robert Fripp – Disengage – Exposure
Shockabilly – Iran Into Tulsa – Vietnam
Shockabilly – Vietnam – Vietnam
Shockabilly – Criss-Cross – That’s the Way I Feel Now – A Tribute to Thelonious Monk
Little Marcy – Friends of Jesus – Walking in the Sunshine
Unknown – Jesus Loves the Little Ones – Unknown Christian 7″
Jim Larrance – God in a Linoleum Roll – Best of No Soap Radio
D.S. Crofts and Adam Cornford – All Across America – Fundamentals
Byrne and Eno – America is Waiting – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Cabaret Voltaire – Sluggin’ Fer Jesus pt.I – Eight Crepescule Tracks
Negativland – I Am God – Free
Negativland – Our National Anthem – Free
Klaus Schulze – Bayreuth Return – Time Wind


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