Show from 09/10/10: What Is Mind Control?

Fun show last night that was a collaboration with Joshua Leon Harper, aka DJ Spacebag.
He brought some amazing new music by Idaho Joe Winslow, Mudboy and Tracy Trance and we then went into a long, chaotic mix around the theme of mind control.


Playlisting was a bit touch and go, but it was roughly:

Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
Mudboy – The Last Song
Idaho Joe Winslow – Poltergeist
Tracy Trance – Images Are Me
Chris and Cosey – The Giant’s Feet
Al Qaeda – 0818
Dave Bixby – Drug Song
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Steve Fisk – Firing Line/Government Figures
Spacebag – Mind Control mix
Stooges – TV Eye
Genesis P. Orridge & Astrid Monroe
Kafka (Steven Soderberg)
Alien city – Cathode rays
Miranda July – I Can Japan
Dead Luke – Mind Control
Videodrome (David Cronenberg)
Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracies
Ticket to Heaven (doc)
Jesus Camp
Star Trek (TOS)
Ras Mix
Francis E. Dec
Venetian Snares – Americanized
Public enemy – She Watch Channel Zero

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