Halloween Is Coming!

October 16, 2010

Halloween is my favorite part of my favorite season. I love Fall, the cooler weather, the colors, smells of Summer passing into the moribund maw of Winter.
I especially love Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, what have you. It’s not just for the acknowledgment of those that have passed on, but for me a turning of the seasons and and end that will inevitably bring renewal.
And horror movies, horror soundtracks and weird-ass records that should be horror soundtracks!
I love it all.
I also love making scary mixes of music. Some of them have been dark. So dark, I can’t imagine them being played at a party, unless it was attended by Anton LaVey, Henry Lee Lucas or Carl Panzram.

I’m also seeing a dream come true this season, that being to DJ a Halloween party. That’s right! I’ll be kicking off KBOO’s Boo Bash fundraiser party on the 28th. It’ll be a fun and spooky mix. Hope you can make it if you reside or are coming into the Portland OR area. Details here.
Flyer I designedThen, on the following night (the 29th), I am filling in on The Outside World, doing a Halloween mix with my pal Dr. Zomb, of Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura. That will be at 12am – 3am , PST. We’ll also have surprise guests. Details coming.

I am pretty sure that my Kill Ugly Radio program on Room 111 will be Halloween or horror-themed on the 26th, as well. You may wanna tune in or hit the podcast (iTunes link).

In the meantime, while I rifle through nooks and crannies and hither and yon for spooky music, here’s a selection of Halloween, Samhain, etc. mixes I’ve done over the years for your enjoyment/horror:

10/30/09 – Halloween Special 2009 (KBOO, w/Dr. Zomb)

10/23/08 – Billoween (KBOO, w/my son Billy)

Kill Ugly Samhain Sacrifice.mp3Playlist here

Kill Ugly Radio 666.mp3playlist here


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  1. Halloween songs on Kelton the cop 7″

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