Kill Ugly Radio for 10/19/10

A more or less noise-oriented show, most of it from the fine label Resipiscent, as I just got quite a few releases from them lately, some amazing new stuff from Bad Speler, plus few rude phone pranks and weirdos from the insane asylum known as the interweb, for good measure.

Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Lucio Berio – Serenade I – New Music
The Story of Nikola Tesla in International Morse Code LP
John Lilly – Cogitate Loop – E.C.C.O.
Derek Erdman – Phone Pranks –
Cofe Time for in talk English – Marko (YouTube clip)
Porest – Pressure Drop – Mood Noose (Resipiscent)
Porest – Mother Of All Mistakes – Mood Noose
Porest – Lady Surinam – Mood Noose
Porest – Advocate Of Cadavers – Mood Noose
Porest – The Highest Order – Mood Noose
Porest – The Key And The String – Mood Noose
Porest – Frosty Leer – Mood Noose
Porest – Kabar Yetse Poniskyo – Mood Noose
Bad Speler – Fucked Up Dog – Big Smaller Presents: GOOD Speaker Live Mixtape Volume #1 (Illegal Arts)
Bad Speler – All Is For Tim’s Birthday – Big Smaller Presents: GOOD Speaker Live Mixtape Volume #1
Hans Grüsel’s Kränkenkabinet – Blaue Blooded Türen
V/A – Occasional Detroit (Resipiscent)
Ritualistic School of Errors – Pancakes Soaked, Started Bucking – Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First Rate Ladies (Resipiscent)
Ritualistic School of Errors – Leaking Fancy Fanny, Ladies Laugh – Sweat Stained Fancy Heaps for First Rate Ladies
Earwicker – A Very Large Array – The All Seeing Ear (Resipiscent)
Earwicker – Claritas Clusterfuck – The All Seeing Ear
Brian Routh – Walking the Wire – Edge of My World (CDBaby link)
Brian Routh – Forever – Edge of My World
William Loose – Mr. Dynamite – Supervixens OST
William Loose – A Long Slow Match And A Big Bang – Supervixens OST
Georgiana Liccione Stewart – Shapes In Action!
William Loose – Harry’s Ascension – Supervixens OST

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