Kill Ugly Radio for 11/09/10: All Vinyl Edition

November 10, 2010

It was an all vinyl program tonight, much of it trashy 45s I have found in area thrift stores.
Lots of fun. I don’t profess to have a large vinyl collection, but it’s getting there (again. I disastrously purged about 3/4s of my vinyl collection a few years ago. Stupid.) and this gave me the chance to play some kitschy 7″s I’ve been finding lately. Seems like everyone wants the weird looking 12″ records, so the singles go unexplored. I’m becoming endeared towards dumb, novelty-esque country singles lately, especially ones cashing in on some fad or regional thing.

Here’s the show:

Lalo Scifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST (the only non-vinyl song played)
Sears Audio System Demo Disc 7″
John & Jack Shirley – The American Hustle – Learn Disco Dancing
Van McCoy – The Hustle – The Best of Van McCoy
John & Jack Shirley – The Walk – Learn Disco Dancing
Van McCoy – Star Trek Theme – The Best of Van McCoy
The Carpenters – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft – 7″
John Williams – Close Encounters Theme – 7″
Barbie/Mattel Inc. – Rapping in Rhythm – 7″

Don Robinson – Happy Whistler Song – 7″
Wes Harrison – Fun with Sound – 7″
Elmer Bernstein – The Cure – Man with the Golden Arm – 7″
Our Gang/Saunders and Burnell – Here We Are Together – 7″
Marvin Rainwater – Teabag Romeo – 7″
Faron Young – Wine Me Up – 7″
Henson Cargill – Skip a Rope – 7″
Paul Evans – Fish in the Ocean – 7″
The Hagars – Motherhood, Apple Pie and the Flag – 7″
Sgt. Barry Sadler – Letter from Vietnam – 7″
Savage Republic – Real Men – Tragic Figures
Eugene Chadbourne – The Devil on the Radio – 198666
Eugene Chadbourne – Dirty Harry – He Is Insane
Daniel Stevens Craft – Snake Oil Symphony I – Snake Oil Symphony
Klaus Wunderlich – Ich Werde Jede Nacht von ihnene Traumen – 24 Melodien, Die Man Nie Vergisst

Laibach – Entartete Welt – Kapital
Laibach – Privilege Des Mort – Kapital
The Human League – Circus of Death – Mutant Pop
Cabaret Voltaire – Red Mask – Red Mecca
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Bridge Over Troubled Music – Yellow Magic Orchestra
The Clash – Silicone on Saffire – Sandinista

R.W. Stone – Harry Truman – 7″
Paddy O’Shea – Where’s the Beef? – 7″
Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without a Pause – Whipped Cream Remixes 7″
Crass – Cold Turkey – Merry Crassmas 7″


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