Happy Birthday, J.G. Ballard

November 17, 2010

Since I was unable to do a live show tonight and it was J.G. Ballard’s birthday yesterday, here’s a blast from Kill Ugly Radio past.:

What happens when J.G. Ballard, Isolrubin B.K., Ralf, Florian, Karl & Wolfgang, a moribund C.B. radio instructor – and more – pile into a Pontiac Fleetwood Brougham with warm leatherette interior for a cruise across the American wasteland?
Tune into this week’s Randomonium* to find out.

The scoop:

Lots of old driver’s ed films over the mixed live in the studio Autobahn Suite, an old LP entitled How to CB and the ugly, atonal Isolrubin BK (aka Brian Lustmord) album Crash Injury Trauma and more.
Play episode:
60 mins.

Download MP3 (85.5 megs @ 192kbps)

Go to KBOO’s Randomonium episode page for a more in-depth, interactive and annotated playlist.

*Originally aired on KBOO radio on 9/14/08


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