A Very Ugly Christmas, 2010

December 22, 2010

Here’s my first ever Christmas themed show. Oh, sure. I’ve played holiday and Christmas songs around this time of the year, but this is the first time I’ve done a complete Christmas show. Funny, considering I no longer celebrate it anymore (my kids are grown and Jesusclaus isn’t real).
Happy holidays to you, dear Kill Ugly Radio listener, however you celebrate (or not)! I’m truly grateful for all the support, encouragement and good will of all my listeners and podcast subscribers!

Download (two hours, ten minutes, 168 megs. at 192kbps)

The Crafty Ladies – Silent Night – Crafty Ladies Christmas [found at Music for Maniacs blog]
Tom Waits – Silent Night/Postcard from a Hooker From Minneapolis –
John Oswald – White – Plunderphonics
Ferrante and Teicher – Santa Claus is Coming To Town – Adventure In Carols [Thanks to Dana Countryman]
Joseph Spence – Santa Claus is Coming To Town – Living On The Hallelujah Side
The Crafty Ladies – Santa Claus is Coming To Town – Crafty Ladies Christmas
The Beatles – Christmas ’63 – Beatles Fan Club
Butthole Surfers – Good King Wenceslas – After the Astronaut
Hitting Birth – Little Drummer Boy – It’s Finally Christmas!
Sugarboom – Ave Maria – It’s Finally Christmas!
Nina Hagen – Ave Maria – In Ekstase

Cassetteboy – Festive Christmas

Escape Mechanism – Elf Song – Droplift Project
The Chipmunks – Christmas Song (played 33 RPM)
The Residents – Santa Dog – Santa Dog 7″
Casual Contemporaries – Barking Dogs Deranged – Casual Christmas
Casual Contemporaries – Ronald Reagan in A Urinary Christmas – Casual Christmas
The Beatles – Christmas ’64 – Beatles Fan Club
Peter and the Test Tube Babies – I’m Getting Pissed for Christmas
The Dickies – Silent Night
Sloppy Seconds – Hooray for Santy Claus
Lord Buckley – Scrooge as Laid Down By Lord Buckley
Ferrante and Teicher – Sleigh Ride – Adventure In Carols
Smegma – Happy Holidays – It’s Finally Christmas!
Wayne Butane – X-Mas
The Bran Flakes – Lovely Sleigh Ride – I Don’t Have a Friend
The New Bad Things – I’m Shoplifting You Something For Christmas – It’s Finally Christmas!
William S. Burroughs and the Disposable Heroes of Hip Hoprisly – The Junky’s Christmas – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales

The Crafty Ladies – I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas – Crafty Ladies Christmas
Trailer Park Boys – Ricky on the true meaning of Christmas – Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special
Dead Moon – Christmas Rush – It’s Finally Christmas!


One comment

  1. now this is really good christmas music – thanks. in one day I have now heard joseph spense’s santa clause is coming to town twice – here, and on bbc radio 6. The man is awesome! This discovery is a true christmas present as far as i am concerned

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