Repost: Stranger Than Fiction, Part 2

Part two from the previous post.

As tag-team partner to Mr. B., the other half of the so-called Octave Doctors, Equinox would take over the board at 3:30 AM or so and would play a mix of space-rock, ambient and prog-rock until the sun came up. His mostly-instrumental mix made a great soundtrack for my all-night drawing binges. It made it easier for me to visualize some of the bizarre, otherwordly stuff I’d dream up in the trance-like state that type of music was capable of. It was also the first time I was aware of the power of mixing music together to form a new composition. Eno would blend into Van Der Graaf Generator, which would morph into Peter Gabriel. Whoever the mysterious Equinox was, he certainly knew how to warp space and time with his musical selections.

Here’s a mix that I’ve been listening to for a while that is very evocative of the kind of music he would play. For the complete effect, I like to listen to this immediately after the previous STF mix when I’m desk-bound in long projects (now you know why part one ends with an intermission bit).

Play []
Download ( 90 mins. 80 megs. @ 128kbps)


  1. KraftwerkNachrichten
  2. GongMagick Mother Invocation
  3. Steve Hillage – Activation Meditation/The Glorious OM Riff
  4. Arthur Brown2024
  5. KraftwerkIt’s More Fun To Compute
  6. Brian EnoPaw Paw Negro Blowtorch/Baby’s on Fire
  7. Godley and Creme Flood
  8. Peter GabrielAt the Powerstation
  9. Robert FrippWatermusic I
  10. Peter GabrielHere Comes the Flood
  11. Robert FrippWatermusic II
  12. Eno and ClusterThe Belldog
  13. VangelisTo The Unknown Man
  14. Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe Part 1
  15. OMDArchitecture and Morality
  16. Godley & CremeArt School Canteen
  17. King CrimsonThe Sheltering Sky
  18. XTC Jason and the Argonauts
  19. Talking HeadsDrugs

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