Kill Ugly Radio for 01/04/11

The first show of the new year and the first in a couple of weeks, as holidays and technical glitches prevented me from either broadcasting or (ah hem..!) recording anything in my home studio (it’s a long story – reorganized my set up and forgot to fully test my gear!). DJ’d a fun set on KBOO with Dr. Zomb or Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura on New Year’s Eve that I failed to record. Oh well. If you want to hear it again, move to Alpha Centuri and wait for it.

But tonight’s show was nearly 90% mashups. After some audio set up shenanigens and some old 45s, I tore into the wonderful 50/50 compilation curated by Some Assembly Required’s Jon Nelson, who we are sad to hear is putting the wraps on his amazing show after so many years (duty calls – he’s a dad now).

We also heard some amazing stuff from Tim Berne’s Science Friction and a release I just got from Soriah.


Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Wing – Hallelujah – Wing Christmas Album
Negativland – Time Zones – Escape from Noise
Teetow – Trollollol Remix
Jim Backus – Magoo Opening/Le Jazz Warm – Mr. Magoo in Hi Fi
Sears – Stereo Demo Disc 7
Shure Corp. – Intro – An Audio Obstacle Course
Linda McCartney – Hey Jude – 365 Days Project
Pulse Emitter – Eagle Nebula – Cosmic Images (link)

Jorge Ingmann – Echo Boogie – 7″
Don Robertson – Happy Whistling Song – 7″
Hensen Cargill – A Well Traveled Man – Skip a Rope 7″
Paul Evans – Fish in the Ocean – Happy Go Lucky Me 7″
Eugene Chadbourne – Skip a Rope – 198666 7″

DJ Lobsterdust – Today It’s On – 50/50 Compilation (link )
The Cranial Fishers – Kindly Take Your Seats – 50/50
Fortyone – Jibber Jabber – 50/50
Alyce Santoro – Please Don’t Be Long – 50/50
Anton Mobin – Turn & Listen – 50/50
The Bran Flakes – Apricot Balls – 50/50
Jeffrey Sconce – Catherine Linton – 50/50
Silica-Gel – Love Tattoo – 50/50
Beatrix*JAR – Let’s Make Some Sounds – 50/50
Savage Ohms – Dream in Priene – 50/50
Los Kinkos – Girls to Watch Music By – 50/50
CxFx + The Toilet – Not Again – 50/50
Overturned Big Rig – Beginner’s Luck In 50 Seconds – 50/50
Realistic – Marsupial Method – 50/50
Brody Johnson – And So And So And So We – 50/50
B’O’K – A Piece of Meat – 50/50
Timmy The Tapeworm – Cre – 50/50
CutUpSound – Bushonomics – 50/50

Hawkin – XXX (X vs The XX) – Booty Blog
Dj Pantshead – The Good, The Bad, and The Freak – Weapons of Ass Destruction
Dj Pantshead – Hip Hop Hoochie Koo – Weapons of Ass Destruction
Dj Pantshead – Squaretramp – Weapons of Ass Destruction

Tim Berne’s Science Friction – Mrs. Subliminal, Clownfinger – The Sublime And
Soriah – Offrendas De Luz a Los Muertos (Beta Lactum Ring)

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