Kill Ugly Radio Episode 06.14.11

June 15, 2011


When Walter Was Wendy: All Classical Kill Ugly Radio

Lots of retro-electronic classical music, with a few other classical-themed surprises thrown in.


Playlist (Artist/Track/Album)

Walter Murch/Lalo Schifrin/George Lucas – What’s Wrong? THX-1138 OST

Ormandy/Bernstein – Electronic Prelude/Also Sprach Zarathustra – Music From 2001: A Space Odyssey
Disney – A Child’s introduction to Musical Instruments
Laibach – Contrapunctus I, II – Laibachkunsterfuge
Interview with Ivan Novak of Laibach (listen to the whole thing here)
Walter Carlos – Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29 – Switched-On Bach
Walter Carlos – Sheep May Safely Graze, From “Cantata No. 208” – Switched-On Bach
Walter Carlos – Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major – Switched-On Bach
Walter Carlos – Little Fugue In G Minor – Switched-On Bach
The Mighty Moog – Bizet/Carmen -Everything You Always Wanted To Hear On The Moog
Walter Carlos – Nutcracker Suite – By Request
The Mighty Moog – Lecuona/Malaguena – Everything You Always Wanted To Hear On The Moog
Walter Carlos – Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F Major – By Request
Ralph Carmichael – Hallelujah Chorus – The Electric Symphony
Laibach – Contrapunctus IV – Laibachkunsterfuge

Perrey & Kingsley – Flight Of The Bumblebee – The Essential Perrey & Kingsley
Electric Moog Orchestra – Star Wars Theme/Leia’s Theme – Star Wars
Walter Murphy – A 5th of Beethoven – A 5th of Beethoven
Disko Band – Strauss in Space – Klassics Go Disko
Walter Murphy – Russian Dressing – A 5th of Beethoven
Disko Band – Lizst’s Funky Love Song – Klassics Go Disko
Christian Marclay – Johann Strauss – More Encores
Christian Marclay – Fredric Chopin – More Encores
Christian Marclay – Maria Callas – More Encores

Erik Satie – Furniture Music, Part 2 – Selected Works

Robert Lafond – Bach – Classics on Toys
Spike Jones and His City Slickers – Pal Yatchee – Best of Spike Jones (cut off suddenly. I went a bit over and the recording ended. Sorry!)


One comment

  1. Awesome show. Great rendition of the Flight of the Bumblebee. Honestly, who can resist a 5th of Beethoven.

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