Kill Ugly Radio Episode 07.12.11

July 13, 2011

Finally! An uploaded show after a more or less successful rearrangement of my home setup, set back by a damaged turntable and an incorrectly configured streaming computer, newly installed in my gear (finally rocking Snow Leopard!).
No show last week, but here’s a show now. Did you miss me?

Jangly, discordant guitars and loops met with swirly pianos, field recordings and sexy voices speaking French. We go from the noise creations of Boyd Andersson’s Space Rehab to Joe Frawley’s lovely album Carnival.
I wanted to stay in that mellow ambient, yet chaotic vibe, so I played a generous chunk of Arno Peeters‘ wonderful AeroSon.

Enough already.



Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Rick Harris – This Is Real – Tellus #11: The Sound of Radio
Christian Marclay – His Master’s Voice – Records
Various – Kayamba Dance: Giriama Wedding  – Kenya and Tanzania: Witchcraft and Ritual Music
Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshihide – Lucky 7 – Moving Parts
George Antheil – Ballet Mécanique -Ballet Mécanique / A Jazz Symphony / Violin Sonatas No. 1 & 2
Sandra Brookover – Checklist at the Meat Counter – How to Buy Meat

Boyd Andersson –Cranial Spies – Space Rehab (Bandcamp)
Boyd Andersson – Digital Kiss – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Green Tea – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Grunge Guts – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Kill The Feast – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Monolithic Triscuit – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Moth Trap – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson –Pygeum Dreams – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson – Space Rehab – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson – Steeple Chase Inn – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson – Thinking of Them – Space Rehab
Boyd Andersson – Visceral Christmas – Space Rehab

Sandra Brookover – Leg of Lamb – How to Buy Meat

Joe Frawley – Premonition – Carnival (link)
Joe Frawley – Skywriting / An extremely tiny box – Carnival
Joe Frawley – A sleepwalker’s vocabulary – Carnival
Joe Frawley – Premonition II – Carnival
Joe Frawley – I think it was – Carnival
Joe Frawley – Brown mascara – Carnival
Joe Frawley – Premonition III – Carnival

Sandra Brookover – Steaks for Broiling – How to Buy Meat

Sonic Youth – Having Never Composed for Percussion – SY4: Goodbye 20th Century
Arno Peeters – Woeshipping DOT Matrix – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – SW Itch – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – Duesday – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – AM orph – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – Aud Entity I – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – Uncanny – AeroSon
Arno Peeters – Aud Entity II – AeroSon
Bill Holt – No. 11 – Dreamies
Jim Larrance – TV 1 100621 – http://www.cutupsound.com
Reni Santoni – “You Radio You Mother” – The Pawnbroker
Sandra Brookover – Prime Rib – How to Buy Meat
L. Ron Hubbard – L’Envoi/Thank You For Listening –The Road to Freedom


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