Smegma on The Outside World

July 23, 2011

KBOO Mixtress Kate W., Smegma in Studio One

This doesn’t really have anything to do with Kill Ugly Radio but I’m posting it because: A) – This is pretty cool and needs sharing/documenting and B) I owe podcast subscribers something to listen to – having played hooky last week (sorry folks, work’s sucking me dry at the moment).

Smegma, that 30-plus year old noise institution, joined host Daniel for over two hours in the studio. There’s also woven in interviews with Mike Lastra (Mike being the sole thread of continuity through Smegma’s long smear across time) as well as other members.

Fun stuff. This is a rare treat. Enjoy!

Download (2 hours, 12 mins, 181 megs @ 192kbps CBR)

More Smegma pics here.


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