A Different Nature: Focus on Arno Peeters

September 27, 2011
Air date:


This week on A Different Nature. a show I also cohost (with rotating DJs) on KBOO Community Radio, I featured Dutch Ambient and Soundscape artist Arno Peeters.

Arno started tape music in the early ’80’s and evolved to electronic music. First as the EBM-duo Voltage Control (2 EP’s and one CD-album on Antler) and later as one of the first techno-artists in The Netherlands with some EP’s on Djax-Up-Beats, as part of Random XS and Urban Electro and solo as Spasms. He turned away from techno to more experiMental stuff on his album ‘Fuzzy Logic’ and migrated to the German Mille Plateaux-label which released the award-winning AeroSon and two tracks on compilations. Nowadays he composes in 5.1 surround and makes a living with producing a weekly radioshow on electronic music (Folio on Dutch National Radio 6) and (as the one-man company Tape TV Productions) editing, mixing and mastering all kinds of projects from the no-budget fine art to the high profile and the cutting edge.”


Play list: (all tracks Arno Peeters – Song – Album)

“If You Have a Girlfriend” Tape (not released, 1984) – Peeters Principle (Mix compiled by Peter van Cooten, 2011)
Voltage Control – Yatiyana To An Undefined Public (1991) – Peeters Principle
Amunite Int. Email Audio Art Project Volume 4 (2010) Compilation – Peeters Principle
Spasms – World on Prozac Fuzzy Logic (1995) – Peeters Principle
Don’t Breathe a Word Electro-acoustic Music From NL (2001) – Peeters Principle

As Death Passes By – As Death Passes By (Tape 1988)

Woeshipping DOT Matrix – AeroSon (1996)
SW Itch – AeroSon
Duesday – AeroSon
AM orph – AeroSon
Aud Entity I – AeroSon
Uncanny – AeroSon
Aud Entity II – AeroSon
AeroSon – AeroSon
Commercial Menace I – AeroSon
Try To Be Very Zen About It – AeroSon

Intro – Stars of the Sky – Live interpretation of “Tierkreis” (Zodiac) by Karlheinz Stockhausen
Aquarius – Stars of the Sky
NVDK Soundcape – The Night of Dance and Art – 5.1 surround Soundscape for “The Night of Dance and Art” in commission of Podium Twente, 2009.

Don’t Breathe – Plug In, Drop Out (Self Release, rejected by Mille Plateaux)
King Of The Skies – Plug In, Drop Out
Three Of A Kind – Plug In, Drop Out
Rhythem – Plug In, Drop Out
Tone – Plug In, Drop Out
Time – Plug In, Drop Out
To Ivory Towers – Plug In, Drop Out

Toccata Tantrum – Toccata Tantrum – Reworked version of “Toccata Reger”, originally played on church organ by Feike Asma. In commission of Luchtkastelen 2006
Turning to Raseborg – Commissioned by the AIR program of ProArtibus.
OddMusic – Mashup created with samples found at www.oddmusic.com, in commission of VPRO Radio ‘Café Sonore’

Hosted by Rich L.


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