Kill Ugly Radio Episode 10.25.11

I just stopped smoking and bought a new microphone in the same week, so cut me some slack.
I played a wonderful new, old LP by Craig Leon, mixed some crazy stuff using Ilhan Miramoglu, Otto Luening, a CD on affirmations for depressed people, some Survival Research Laboratories and more.

Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Reni Santori – “You Radio, You Mother..!” – The Pawnbroker
The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – 2001 Theme – Some Kazoos
La Forte Four – The Lowest Form of Music – Dark Skratcher
The Pain Teens – Christo – Born In Blood
Ellen Fullman – Longitudinal Vibration – Tellus #4 Cassette
Porest – Boloko – Mood Noose
Muzlimguaze – Untitled 2 – Azzazin

Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Discs – Nommos
Craig Leon – Donkeys Bearing Cups – Nommos
Craig Leon – Nommo – Nommos

Ilhan Miramoglu – – Six Preludes for Magnetic Tape – Electronic Music III
Belleruth Naparstek – Affirmations – For People With Depression
Rosicrucian Recordings – Sleep Guidance – The Seeds of Truth Must Be Planted Early
Otto Luening – Gargoyles – Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center
Krzysztof Penerecki – Kanon for Orchestra and Tape – The Exorcist OST
National Lampoon – Deteriata – Radio Dinner
Hoyt Axton – Beelzebub’s Laughter – My Griffin Is Gone
Hugo Montenegro – Mr. Tambourine Man – The Dawn of Dylan

Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity – Songs of Innocence and Despair

Survival Research Laboratories – Illusions of Shameless Abundance Degenerating Into an Uninterrupted Sequence of Hostile Encounters
The Melody Four – Little Pictures (Talkin’ ‘Bout T.V. YEAH!) – T.V.? Mais Oui!
The Melody Four – Les Animaux Du Monde – T.V.? Mais Oui!
The Melody Four – Danger Man/Destination Danger – T.V.? Mais Oui!

Children’s Starlight Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs

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