Kill Ugly Radio Episode 256

Igor Wakhévitch, Arthur Brown, Firesign Theater, Radiocrack and more


Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – Thus Sprach Kazoostra – Some Kazoos
Christian Marclay – Brown Rain – Records

Pays Lobi – Gopir – Xylophone de Funérailles

Red Guitars – Good Technology – Good Technology 7″
Arthur Brown – 2024 – Requiem
National Lampoon – Profiles in Chrome – Radio Dinner
Igor Wakhévitch – Hymne À Sathanael – Hathor
Igor Wakhévitch – Grand Sabbat Luciférien – Hathor
Igor Wakhévitch – Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre – Hathor
Igor Wakhévitch – Cris Pour Les Sabbats Infernaux Et Invocations Des Daimons – Hathor
Arthur Brown – Chant/Shades – Requiem
Arthur Brown – Animal People – Requiem
Adrian Belew – Fish Head – Twang Bar King

Pays Lobi – Déjé – Xylophone de Funérailles

Firesign Theater – Dear Friends: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Inquisition
Radiocrack – A Public Service – Obamanation
Radiocrack – We Just Won – Obamanation
Radiocrack – I Want Money – Obamanation
Radiocrack – Obama Smokin’ Crack – Obamanation
Radiocrack – You Must Have Seen the Reports – Obamanation
Radiocrack – Keeper of the Nazi Documents – Obamanation
Radiocrack – Obama Cums – Obamanation
Radiocrack – 1st SOU – Obamanation
Brian Routh – Civil Disobedience Is the Only Force We Have Left – Music of Activism (soundcloud)
Test Dept. – Comrade Enver Hoxva – The Unacceptable Face of Freedom
The Major Thinkers – Avenue B – The Major Thinkers 12″
Feederz – Mothra – Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock In a Cop’s Face

Children’s Starlight Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs

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