Kill Ugly Radio Episode 259

November 30, 2011

Kill Ugly Radio’s gone all New Wave on us.
Lots of New Wave and Post Punk from my vinyl collection.
Honestly, doing all-vinyl shows is a daunting task, especially when three rambunctious kittens decide to occupy the studio and make creative choices centered around the hypnotically spinning zebra-striped slipmats. One rather rowdy cat Tigger decided to run straight up my back and perch on my shoulders when I was standing at the mic back-announcing. Youch!
Tigger and me
So, with all the cat-herding and record slinging (most music from this genre/era has short songs which usually end ubruptly, prompting many Jersey transitions), I barely had time to do a proper playlist.


Proper playlist:
Fabulous Poodles – Mirror Star – Mirror Stars
XTC – Respectable Street – Black Sea
The Units – High Pressure Days – The History of the Units
Fad Gadget – Ricky’s Hand – Machines
Gleaming Spires – Going Hey Hey – Songs of the Spires
PIL – Pied Piper – Machines
Valeria LaGrange – Le Jeu – Cash Cows
Lene Lovich – Lucky Number – Stateless
Nina Hagen – Wir Leben Immer Noch – Nina Hagen Band
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Monitor – Juju

Sly and Robbie – Syncopation – Syncopation

Gary Numan – Aircraft Bureau – Machines
Magazine – Song From Under The Floorboards – Play
The Stranglers – Skin Deep – Greatest Hits
Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – Genetic Engineering – Best of OMD
The Android Sisters – Robots Are Coming – The Android Sisters
Martha and the Muffins – Suburban Dream – Cash Cows
Flying Lizards – Hands 2 Take – Cash Cows
Fingerprintz – Amnesia – Cash Cows

Fred Frith – Dancing In the Streets – The Best of Ralph

Silicone Teens – Memphis Tennessee – Music For Parties
Devo – Turn Around – Whip It 7″
Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy – Split Second Precision
Arthur Brown – Animal People – Requiem
Tuxedomoon – Dark Companion – Frank Johnson’s Favorites
Belfegore – All That I Wanted – All That I Wanted 12″
Red Guitars – Good Technology – 7″
Wire – Heartbeat – Chairs Missing
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green – Movement
Pylon – Gravity – Gyrate

Pete Seeger – Chorale from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony – Miniatures



  1. Really enjoyed this one, rambunctious kittens and all! Brilliant. Thank you.

    • Thanks!
      The kittens and I are glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. I love you

  3. This is about the coolest picture I’ve ever seen anywhere. I saved it; I don’t even know why. Music dude with cat. In my head it’s like post-modern norman rockwell. I found it on google images by searching for cover art for Hard Attack, then selecting Large.

  4. That’s funny! Heart attack. He nearly gave me one, right there, when I was talking on mic and suddenly felt four sharply clawed paws run straight up my legs and back.
    He was perched there on my shoulder while I managed to grab my phone out of my pocket and snap that picture.
    He’s a little too big to do that now, but it’s hard work keeping him off of my turntables.

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