Ugly Radio Killed

December 27, 2011

I’ve been mulling this over for quite a while. I feel it’s time to pull the plug on my weekly show.
Between a full-time job, freelance gigs and having involvement with no less than four KBOO radio shows, I just feel I can’t properly commit the time to do a show every week anymore. It was becoming a struggle to come up with something fresh and new every week and as I got busier and busier, the show not only suffered, but not having the time to promote it and the resulting drop in live listeners because of that made it seem even less fun.

As much as I hate to do it, I need to cease doing it right away.

I will probably continue to put out a podcast of some sort, under some name, but not as frequently.

I wish to thank Jeff Simmons for the opportunity to be a part of the Radio 23 family. It was a lot of fun. Thanks also to the many amazingly talented folks who DJ on Radio 23’s Channel A, Room 111 and Cascade Community Radio, whose inventive programming always entertain and enlighten.

Kill Ugly Radio started as a live mix-tape collage project in the late 90s and later became a monthly show on KBOO community radio before being a weekly program on WSU’s KOUG Radio and finally having a home at Radio23.

Thanks to all the folks who continued to listen to the regular show for the three or more years of it’s run and up to now. Your comments and emails always made it worthwhile.

As I said, I’ll continue putting out a podcast. My record hoarding hasn’t flagged a bit. I’ll have something for you, so stay subscribed. It’ll just come a bit less frequently, like once a month.

I’ll also keep tending to the archives. The older ones will be taken offline soon and all but the ones that still garner lots of traffic will remain.

Thanks again for all you regular listeners! This isn’t the end, necessarily but hopefully the start of something fun and creative!



  1. You did a lot of great work, Richard. And who knows, you might pick it up again in the future. Or start something new! Always love your shows, man.

  2. Thank you Phinny!
    That means a lot to me. Your National Cynical Network shows have been a huge inspiration to me, as well as your audio work.

  3. Thanks, I’ve been a quiet listener for a year or so (web, not live), and I must say, and I mean it sincerely, that nothing is quite like this. Anyway, just wanted to pipe in so you know people are listening. I’ll keep checking back for more.

  4. Thanks Perfectly Normal!
    I know there’s lots of subscribers like you out there. I love hearing from them. It makes it worthwhile to know people are digging it!

  5. For all my own record hoarding, I could still count on finding something new from your shows. (The latest was the Creel Pone collection.) Thanks, Rich. I’ll look forward to listening, wherever I might find you.

  6. One of THE crucial strange-music shows. Hope you keep podcasting or sumthing – we need more shows like this!

    • Mr. Fab, you flatter me!
      Thanks for the kind words. I also look forward to whatever 2012 brings to your creative endeavors at Music for Maniacs.

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