Radio Lost and Found for 04/13/12

Here’s another episode of my KBOO show from last night (Radio Lost and Found is on every second Friday, from 10pm to Midnight)
Spring is in the air at last. The atmosphere on the street around the station is alive with activity, with many fun visitors to the air room.



Playlist: (Artist – Song – Album -Label)
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Peter Boyle – Hey Joe – Joe Speaks – Mercury
Senor Coconut – Suavito – La Baille
Non Credo – Hacked – Happy Wretched Family – Les Disques Victor
Francis Dhomont – Andante (Excerpt) – Frankenstein Symphony -Asphodel
Paul Dresher – Pygmy Vocal Music – Tellus #4 Cassette – Tellus
Severed Heads – Gashing the Old Mae West – Since the Accident – Sevcom
Linda Fisher – What Words Mean – Tellus #7 Cassette – Tellus
Doug Kahn – Reagan Speaks for Himself – Sub Pop #5 Cassette – Sub Pop
Steve Fisk – Digital Alarm – Sub Pop #5 Cassette – Sub Pop

Set break – Music Behind DJ: Paris Studio Group – Accroche Toi, Caroline – Sound Gallery vol. 2

Pat Boone – George Otis – “How would you like to turn on your radio and hear this?” – Solution To Crisis America
Negativland – A Big 10-8 Place, Part One – A Big 10-8 Place – Seeland
Animals Within Animals – Portmanteau – Produce, Abuse, Resample –
Otomo Yoshihide – HK – Sound Factory – Gentle Giant Records
Animals Within Animals – Last Splash (Hello Darkness) – Produce, Abuse, Resample
Holger Czukay and Dr. Walker – The Wonderful World Of Screeches, Racing Cars And Crybats – Clash – Sideburn Recordings
Hitting Birth – Why Hates All (Planet Fuck Turn It Up) – Fast Of The Thirst Free Years – Tim/Kerr Records

Set break – Music Behind DJ: Janko Nilovic – Chorus for Leslie

Mark Stewart & Eve Libertine – Nothing Is Sacred – MP3 Release –
Pain Teens – Noh Jam – Born In Blood – Onliest Records
Simon Boswell – Everything Is Under Control – Hardware OST – Varese Sarabande
Okapi – Bud-Dub – Love Him- Illegal Art
Qua – Robot Unknown – Forgetabout – Mush
Sandoz – King Dread – In Dub: Chant to Jah – Intone Productions

Set break – Music Behind DJ: Janko Nilovic – Electric Days

The Firesign Theatre – Eeyore’s Birthday – Duke Of Madness Motors – Seeland
Harry Nilsson – It Is He Who Will Be King – Daybreak – Son of Dracula OST – Rapple
Red Guitars – Good Technology – Good Technology 7″ – Self Drive Records
End – End of the World – The Sound of Disaster – Ipecac Recordings

Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Human Horn – 1980 –

Radio Lost and Found can be found every second Friday, from 10pm to 12am Pacific time on Portland Oregon’s KBOO Community Radio, 90.7 FM in the Portland area and worldwide at
Don’t forget, you can join the putrid puppet pageantry that is Radio Lost and Found by visiting the Radio Lost and Found blog or by ‘liking’ the show on Facebook.

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