Radio Lost and Found for June

Here’s the latest episode of my monthly KBOO program Radio Lost and Found.

It starts off with a radio theme around things I’ve found (get it?). Lots of live mixing and other mayhem.




Rolf Semprebon – KBUBU Station ID – UBU Hour 03/05/2012 (Link)
Kraftwerk – Radioactivity – Radioactivity
Columbia School of Broadcasting – Lesson 1
The Black Pope – I’m A Human Radio Station – 360 Days Project
April Nine – Radioactivity – Trans Slovenian Express Vol.1
Congressman Peter Doyle – FCC/NAB Hearings (YouTube)
People Like Us – Guide To Broadcasting –  Guide To Broadcasting  (Link)
BCC Radiophonics Workshop – Public Dreams and Private Nightmares (1957) (YouTube)
Blaine L. Reininger – Glossolalia – Glossolalia
Igor Wahkevitch – Aimantation/Materia Prima  – Doctor Faust (1971)

J.G. Ballard/Harley Cokeliss – Crash (1971)
Crawling With Tarts – Operas
The Normal – Warm Leatherette – 7″
Random Logic – Home Computer – Trans Slovenian Express Vol.1
Alenia- Home Computer – Trans Slovenian Express Vol.2
Boyz Noise – Frau Featuring I Robot – 12″
Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach (Johann Heil Mix) – Tanz Mit Laibach 12″

Jonwayne – Dumbo- Jonwayne Fucks Disney (link Get it before it’s DMCA’d out of existence)
Jonwayne – Little Mermaid – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Aristocats – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Alice In Wonderland – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Mulan – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Peter Pan – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Pocahontas – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Jonwayne – Bonus – Jonwayne Fucks Disney
Rudy Schwartz Project – BBQ Pope – Salmon Dave
Linda Albertano – Sabotage – English As A Second Language
Jandek – Painted My Teeth – Telegraph Melts
Neil Dick – Yes I Can – The Future Is Now
Neung Phak – Far King USA – Fucking USA 7″

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn

Radio Lost and Found is on KBOO Community Radio every second Friday of the month from 10pm to Midnight Pacific time. You can browse the complete Radio Lost and Found archives here.

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