New Episode of Variations

June 20, 2012

Jon Leidecker, better known in musical weirdo circles as sound collage artist Wobbly, has just release a seventh addition to his curated program Variations, which "reconstructs the history of sound appropriationism by looking at examples from 20th century composition, popular art and commercial media, and the convergence of all these trends today."

Check it out! The series is amazingly exhaustive, yet endlessly fascinating.

The whole thing is worth checking out. It’s a pain in the derriere to link to the whole thing in the series, owing to some perplexing web design choices on host entity Radio Web Macba’s site and it’s apparently not possible to subscribe to the series itself as a podcast (unless you want every other curated show from RWM) but you can search out Variations here.
You’ll want the little PDFs for each episode anyway.
Don’t miss it!


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