UBU Web on the Ropes?

July 12, 2012

Let’s hope not, but there’s been considerable chatter on Twitter about its impending demise, or something like it:

"UbuWeb is back but will not be here forever. Everything on the site is downloadable. Please download as much as you can." ‪

And as of today (7/11/12), this rather ambiguous tweet:

"Thanks for all your concern. For the moment, Ubu is fine. Should the case be otherwise, we’ll let you know. For now, download & enjoy."

Not exactly reassuring. We’d hate to think that this veritable Library of Alexandria of Avant-Garde audio and text would cease to exist, but who knows?
Downloading large volumes from UBU Web can be a daunting task, as you may be aware. Each individual MP3 is unbundled: there’s no zip file of complete albums, collections, etc.
A user has posted a Python script that can aid in downloading large chunks of files, for those of you with the chops to use scripts. See his tweet here.

I’d hate to see it go. I’ve contributed a few spoken word LPs to their collection and am gratified to see that some other files I’ve posted on the web over the years have made their way there as well.

Let’s hope the rumors of their demise are exaggerated.

Link to Ubu Web.

Link to Ubu Web on Twitter.


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