New Episode of Radio Lost and Found with guest Tony Coulter

July 14, 2012

UPDATE!: Corrected the link on this! It used to be linked to an incorrect program but it’s been replaced with the proper one now. Sorry ’bout that!

Quite a lot of fun this month, with a completely unplanned show and a guest in the studio in the form of Tony Coulter. Tony is a long-time WFMU DJ and a fairly recent transplant to Portland, OR by way of Manhattan, having moved here in 2009. He continues to DJ on WFMU via the Give the Drummer Some radio stream. You can check his show out every Tuesday at 9am Pacific time (go to WFMU.org for stream details).

Anywho, Tony scoured the library and found some amazing stuff, as well as some vinyl things that neither of us had heard before, along with some recent acquisitions from various record shop trips.

Here’s the show and playlist:


Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Rudy Schwartz Project – Ernest Borgnine Memorial Birthday Party – Bowling for Appliances
Porest – Skin Bitch – Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger
Porest – Fist Dumplings – Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger
Columbia School of Broadcasting – Introduction – Phase One
Don Preston – Filters, Oscillators and Envelopes
Bell Laboratories – Music and Noise – The Science of Sound
John Morton – New Music for Music Boxes

If Bwana – Cicada #5 – Rex Xhu Ping
Syzygys – Fauna Grotesque – Complete Studio Recordings (Tzadik)
Syzygys – Lotus Rain – Complete Studio Recordings
Dub Taylor – Lumiere – Lumiere

Økapi – Mozart Cosi fan tutte Act 1 Ouverture – Opera Riparata (Illegal Arts)
Økapi – Beethoven Obertura Fidelio y Sinfonica Eroica Obertura – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Wagner Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg Prelude Act 3 – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Rossini Guglielmo Tell Sinfonia – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Verdi I Vespri Siciliani Overture – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Mikhail Glinka Ruslan and ludmila Overture – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Weber Oberon Ouverture – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Bellini Norma Prelude – Opera Riparata
Økapi – Bedrich Smetana La sposa venduta Overture – Opera Riparata

Jahiliyya Fields – Servant Garden – Unicursal Hexagram (LIES US)
Jahiliyya Fields – Ocean Mom – Unicursal Hexagram
ZNR – L’Armoire – Barricade 3 (Locus Solas)
ZNR – Le Grande Compositeur Vu De Dos – Barricade 3
ZNR – La Pointe De Tes Seins Est Comme Un Petale De Pavot – Barricade 3

Douglas Leedy – Electronic Zodiac (Capitol 1969)
Craig Leon – Donkeys Bearing Cups – Nommos (Takoma)
Zga – Mnemonia – End of an Epoch (ReR Megacorp)
Zga – Boschiana – End of an Epoch

Shooby Taylor the Human Horn – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Shooby Sings!


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