Radio Lost and Found for August 2012


I plum forgot to upload my last show from Radio Lost and Found. KBOO’s finally figured out how to archive it’s own programming (YAY!) and so I sort of didn’t have to do any of my usual audio archiving chores and was even able to listen to it again on KBOO’s website (not that I really listen to my shows again – I find that can’t bear to listen to them until a year or so later, when I can detach from what I forgot to do, what I accidentally did, etc). I didn’t mean to leave podcast subscribers out in the cold. My apologies!

Anywhose, here it is. I was in a sort of summer carnival, as is apparent in the start of the show, due to it being around the time of the Clark County Fair, which I attended many times in my childhood.


In the interim, I managed to lose the playlist.
If memory serves, it’s Non Credo, Jay Allison, the Elephant Man soundtrack, The Residents, a track from Blunt Instruments, new Mark Stewart, lots of Neil Hamburger prank phone calls, some cancer screening PSAs, Culturcide, a bunch of the Forbidden Zone soundtrack, Pastor John Rydgren, some Brandon Locher phone hacking, some Jahilyya Fields, Animals Within Animals, Stu Mitchell, Legendary Stardust Cowboy, dentures flexi-disc and more.

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