John Cage Centenary on KBOO

All through the month of September, KBOO’s A Different Nature will be playing all John Cage on every program (A Different Nature is on every Monday evening at 8pm Pacific time).
Some programs will be running longer than usual, as normal programming has been preempted on some dates.

Here’s what the schedule looks like so far:

This first program on September 3rd will be an extended 3-hour show (8-11 pm). Then tune in on the 10th and the 17th at the regular time (8-10 pm). And on September 24th, we present a 4-hour finale (7-11 pm) with the Collective mixing Cage material live in the KBOO studio, selected by chance operations.

I’m participating in the final chance operations show.

I’ll be posting the show pages from KBOO’s archives here as they become made available*.

Sept. 3rd – Intro, hosted by Andy Hosch and Dr. Zomb (3 hours).

Sept. 10th – hosted by Alejandro Ceballos (2 hours).

*Archived shows only last two weeks from air-date. Once they’re gone, they’re deleted forever. I may archive the shows permanently in this space if there’s sufficient interest.


  1. I’d be glad if you could host the Cage centennary shows for a bit at least. So much Cage going on at the moment, and it’s hard to listen to a 3 hour block. If you can add a month to their lifespan or allow the archives to be downloaded (understood, prolly not possible), it’d help a great deal. Thanks!

  2. That’s the plan, Luke. I’m going to coordinate with the program hosts and the station to permanently archive the shows either here or somewhere like

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