Radio Lost and Found: The Radio Radio Show

December 1, 2012

radio lost icon
Pretty whacked-out set, as part of KBOO’s four hour freeform special in solidarity with WFMU.
Lots of fun. Spinning with Erin Yanke and VJ Beauchamp (I think their sets will be archived at KBOO’s site soon).

This was a sort of radio show about radio, with lots of stuff related to radio. Clever concept, innit?


TM Productions – Tomorrow Radio (Intro) – Tomorrow Radio
Kraftwerk – Radioactivity – Radioactivity
The Black Pope – “I’m a Human Radio Station” – Radio Oddities
Columbia School of Broadcasting – – Phase 1

Murray Saul – The Get Downs Vol.1
George Coleman – Transistor Radio – Bongo Joe
Pastor John Rydgren – Music to Watch Girls By – Silhouette Segments
TM Productions – Tomorrow Radio (excerpt) – Tomorrow Radio
Roderick Falconer – Radio – New Nation
Stevens & Grdnic – Tuning In/Bogus Concerts – Somewhere Over the Radio
Be Bop Deluxe – Modern Music – Modern Music
Pepper-Tanner – Audition “C” – Tanner Total Sound Library
Porest – Skin Bitch – Prude Juice For The Heritage Swinger
Morris I. Pickus – How To Win A Sales Argument
Jet Black Hair People – Benefit of Radio – Jet Black Hair People and Their Friends
J & H Productions Tape
Klaus Wunderlich – Ich werde Jede Nacht Von Ihnen Träumen – 24 Melodien Die Man Nie Vergißt, Vol. 1
D.S. Crafts – Snake Oil Symphony I – Snake Oil Symphony
Jet Black Hair People – Basic Formula of Happiness – Jet Black Hair People and Their Friends
National Lampoon – Deteriata – Radio Dinner

John Cooper Clark – Psycle Sluts 1&2 – Disguise In Love
Jim Larrance – It Is Called Radio – CutUpSound
Sex Is My Business LP
2Badcard –Pure Illusion (Remix) – Pay It All Back Vol.6
Culturecide – Bruce – Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America
Leslie Speaker Demo 7″
Hot Butter – Getting On – 7″
First Moog Quartet – Cold Duck – 7″
Brother Russell – Gay Day – Melba Comes Alive
Evolution Control Committee – Pertaining To The Beat – All Rights Reserved
Negativland – The Perfect Cut: Rooty Poops – Helter Stupid
Peter L. Batsin – How To Make A Tape Recorder – Thrift Store MP3 Project
Jim Larrance – God In A Linoleum Roll – CutUpSound

Ronald et Ronald – Cuac Cuac – 7″

I lost track after this, as I turned the decks over to Erin Y.


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