New album by CutUpSound

February 4, 2013


If you’re a regular listener to my Kill Ugly Radio and Radio Lost and Found radio programs, no doubt you’ve heard the works of audio cut-and-paste madman Jim Larrance, trading under the nom de plume CutUpSound.

I’m proud to announce that he’s released an album length collection of his tracks to Bandcamp.

Jim’s been making audio collage since the days of razor blades and open reel tape. Some of these tracks go back to the nineties and perhaps earlier.

I helped Jim compile this collection and let me tell you, it was hard – there was so much great material to choose from. Ultimately, I picked tracks that seemed to flow as a cohesive album, had a beginning, middle and end, when taken as a whole.

If there’s sufficient interest, Jim’ll probably release more.

Check it out!



  1. Finally! I’ve heard his stuff on your show, so i go off searching for it, and I’m led…back to your show.

  2. Yes, we’re pretty excited here, too.
    Hopefully, this will not only encourage Jim to release more stuff but also more of the stuff he’s creating now.

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