Found 90s/00s Cassette

August 29, 2013


I am not sure of the origins of this tape.
I DO know it was recorded sometime between 2002 and 2004, when I still used a PC. I am also fairly sure that it was the result of running multiple tapes – some of them from the mid-90s – from a Fostex 4-track recorder into the soundcard of my PC and editing, applying effects, layering over other recordings, etc. and then I dumped it all back to cassette, which is what I’ve digitized.
It’s all a silly mess. I didn’t do anything to it but edit out any gaps, edit out instances of complete songs and I only boosted the level on a part or two here and there as needed.
I can sort of date it by some of the stuff on it; I can hear the then-new Raymond Scott Manhattan Research album (taped off of KBOO Radio), some fragments of Negativland’s Wilsaphone Stupid Show (which I had taped to listen to in my car) and other stuff. I layered my Ronald Reagan collage over the top of something by Throbbing Gristle so now I can’t use it! (it was something I had done using the Fostex machine sometime in the 90s).


Download (49:31 mins, 113 megs. @ 320kbps)



  1. Enjoyed your tape!

    • Thanks, Ken! I am glad you liked it!

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