Radio Lost and Found for November 2013

Radio Lost and Found for November. My show was preempted – sort of – for the big 1968 show with Dr. Zomb and Alejandro C.

This month, I had quite a lot of new stuff – the brand-new soundtrack to Tartovsky’s Solaris, some found stuff and some crazy, frenzied fretwork by Sol Mogerman.

Here’s the show. Enjoy!


11/08/2013 10:00PM to 12:00AM
10:00PM Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
10:02PM Dennis Duck – Intro – Dennis Duck Does Disco
10:03PM Accutrac – Owner’s Introduction – Accutrac 4000: Seeing Is Believing
10:05PM The Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy (Extended Mix) – Split Second Precision
10:09PM The Fine Young Cannibals – Good Times and Bad – Johnny Come Home 7
10:12PM John Cooper Clarke – I Don’t Want To Be Nice – Disguise in Love
10:15PM James White And The Blacks – Contort Yourself – Off White
10:21PM Cabaret Voltaire – Walls of Jerico – Living Legends
10:29PM The Severed Heads – Estrogen – Cuisine With Piscatorial
>10:34PM Set break — Music behind DJ: Vampire Sound Incorporation – The Lions and the Cucumber
10:34PM Sol Mogerman – Intro/Wishbone Bridge – Wishbone Bridge
10:36PM Sol Mogerman – Secret Garden – Wishbone Bridge
10:45PM Sol Mogerman – Listen to the Wind – Wishbone Bridge
10:46PM Sol Mogerman – Fire Engines – Wishbone Bridge
10:48PM Sol Mogerman – Wishbone Bridge – Wishbone Bridge
10:52PM Set break — Music behind DJ: Vampire Sound Incorporation – The Lions and the Cucumber
10:52PM Eduard Artemiev – Solaris Movements I – V – Solaris
11:13PM Set break — Promo Spot – back-announcing
11:15PM Muslimgauze – Shadow Of The West – Rape of Palestine — Many songs mixed together past this point
11:21PM C.B. Anderson and Robert F. Woods – What Is Spirit? – Guess Who’s Here? God!
11:23PM Muslimgauze – The Muslim City – Rape of Palestine
11:26PM Roche Industries – Interpreting Heart Sounds – 7
11:29PM C.B. Anderson and Robert F. Woods – God Is More: True or False – Guess Who’s Here? God!
11:29PM Chris and Cosey – Re-Education Through Labour – Trance
11:35PM Flak Mask – These Landscaping Enhancements – These Landscaping Enhancements
11:36PM Wink Martindale – America, An Affirmation – 7
11:40PM Princess Ramona – Then I Start to Yodel – Yodeling Praises Unto The Lord
11:42PM Tammy Faye Bakker – Oops, There Comes A Smile – Oops, There Comes A Smile
11:44PM Dick Kent – Chewing Gum – 7
11:47PM Knife Lust – Shrivel Up – KROQ Presents: Devotees
11:49PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Chris N’ Cosey: Cowboys In Cuba
11:51PM Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities – Giant Broom – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:56PM Carson Halegar – Hart Projections In 4D – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:57PM Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Human Horn

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