Radio Lost and Found for December 2013

This was a pretty crazy show. Lots of people at the station, in the air room, a loud band jamming in the adjacent studio, lots of technical difficulties, it being Friday the 13th.
Some pretty crazy mixing from Jim Larrance and I in the second half. We had a lot of fun, even though it was a nightmare to document what we did.



10:00PM Leonard Pennario “March of the Lunatics” from “The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario”
10:01PM Animals Within Animals “Four-Letter Edit” from “Produce, Abuse, Resample”
10:02PM Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark “Radio Waves” from “Dazzle Ships”
10:05PM The Sons of Silence “Golden Age of Men’s Music” from “Silence FM”
10:08PM The Tape Beatles “Waves” from “Music With Sound”
10:11PM Emergency Broadcast Network “3:7:8 (Bones Mix)” from “3:7:8”
10:14PM Life Records “Honesty” from “Honesty”
10:15PM Styro2000 “Culture” from “Toywar Lullabyes”
10:20PM Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller “Cleanliness and Order” from “Darker Skratcher”
10:23PM The German Shepherds “Dear Jodie” from “Dear Jodie 7″”
10:28PM Flak Mask “These Landscaping Enhancements” from “These Landscaping Enhancements”
10:35PM Sketch Erickson “Pop Goes America” from “Sketch Sounds Off”
10:41PM Don McMillen “”an atom walks into a bar..”” from “341 Megabytes of Comedy”
10:48PM This Heat “Twilight Furniture” from “This Heat”
10:52PM Chrome “Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down)” from “Half Machine Lip Moves”
10:58PM Set break — The Noveltones – Left Bank 2
11:01PM Keith Milton Reinhardt “Found Recording” from “The Aquarian Foundation, Seattle”
11:05PM Sir Richard Bishop “Graviton Polarity Generator” from “Graviton Polarity Generator”
11:08PM Walt Disney “Conquest of Space” from “YouTube”
11:09PM Ray Gallon “Part Two” from “Nam June Paik – A Work For Radio”
11:22PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Ernie Hood – Ollie
11:22PM Walt Disney “More of Man’s Conquest of Space” from “YouTube”
11:25PM Tim Maloney “Shatner” from “Free Speech for Sale”
11:26PM Walter Carlos “What’s New Pussycat?” from “By Request”
11:28PM The Button “The Door Is Closing” from “Free Speech For Sale”
11:29PM Richard Hayman & Walter Sear “Goin’ Out Of My Head” from “Electronic Evolutions”
11:31PM Leif Jensen “C.B. Terms (Part II)” from “How To CB”
11:35PM Brain Science “Public Radio” from “Free Speech for Sale”
11:35PM Jim Larrance “God In A Linoleum Roll” from “”
11:37PM Andre Popp and His Orchestra “Perles De Cristal” from “Delirium In Hi-Fi”
11:41PM Jim Larrance “Black Friday” from “The Echo of That Word”
11:43PM Cassetteboy “Cassetteboy vs The News” from “YouTube”
11:45PM Ralf Paulsen “Bonanza” from “YouTube”
11:47PM Unknown Kid “”..have you ever had a dream that you could do anything?”” from “YouTube:” — Many versions playing at once, looping
11:48PM Randy Quaid/Christmas Vacation “”Merry Christmas! Sh*tter was full!”” from “YouTube:” — Many versions playing at once, looping
11:51PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Harlem Nocturne – Found here:
11:54PM Richard Christenson “Spires” from “Muve”
11:57PM Slim Goodbody “Your Mouth is a House” from “The Inside Story”
12:00AM Sol Mogerman “Fire Engines” from “Wishbone Bridge”

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