Kill Ugly Radio 12/26/13


I did a last minute substitution slot on KBOO Community Radio and here it is.

Play [audio]


10:00pm KBOO Community Radio Promo Spots
10:01pm Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
10:04pm John Lennon – “..I had a lot of loops…” – sample, looping
10:06pm Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call (remix) – Electric Cafe
10:15pm L. Ron Hubbard – The Drone – Battlefield Earth
10:18pm Sketch Erickson – Music: What The World Needs Now Is Love – Sketch Sounds Off
10:22pm David Noebel – Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez: Communists! – The Marxist Minstrels
10:25pm Sketch Erickson – Music: Back Seat Love – Sketch Sounds Off
10:27pm Think – Once You Understand – 7″
10:31pm The Weatherman – Go To The Church – The Weatherman’s dumb blog
10:35pm Sketch Erickson – Movies – Sketch Sounds Off
10:37pm Wink Martindale – America, An Affirmation – 7″
10:41pm Jack Shea – The Monitors are your friends.. – The Monitors (1969 film)
10:41pm Gary S. Paxton – The Big A = The Big M – 7″

10:44pm Set break —

10:46pm Chezney Hawks – Rolf Wank Track – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:52pm Vomit – Rolf Has Beans – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:53pm Toecutter – I Milk Myself – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:56pm The Mushroom Tabernacle Choir – 12 Drugs of Christmas – 7″

10:59pm Set break — I.D.

11:00pm Gétatchèw Mèkurya & The Ex & Guests – Aymotche Terabu/Shemonmwanaye – Moa Anbessa
11:12pm This Heat – Twilight Furniture – This Heat
11:16pm Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves – Half Machine Lip Moves
11:19pm Sadjeljko – Float Boats – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:20pm Stefan Tcherepnin – Motor Lodge Dance – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:22pm The German Shepherds – Let the Night Roar – Dear Jodie 7″
11:24pm Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves/Abstract Nympho – Half Machine Lip Moves

11:29pm Set break — Music Behind DJ: Lucho Bermúdez vs JUD JUD

11:29pm The Fall – How I Wrote Elastic Man – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:33pm The Fall – City Hobgoblins – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:36pm The Fall – Totally Wired – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:41pm The Weatherman – Drone for the End of the World/Untitled Family Tape, 1970s – The Weatherman’s dumb blog
11:51pm L. Ron Hubbard – Wind Splitter – Battlefield Earth
11:55pm Slim Goodbody – Down Down Down – The Inside Story
11:59pm L. Ron Hubbard – L’Envoi – Thank You For Listening (excerpt) – Path To Freedom

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