Various Artists: Voices of the Angels (Spoken Words)


The first in a series of three gargantuan Spoken-Word double-LP sets produced by Harvey Kubernik on his Freeway Records label.

Like the other two, this features bonafide Poets such as Wanda Coleman, Charles Bukowski, Dennis Cooper and others but also a smattering of the who’s who of the L.A. Punk scenesterati – Pleasant Gehman, Geza X, Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag, SWA) and some names and bands that might be familiar to more astute Angelino Punk watchers (The Marina Swingers, BPeople, among others).

There’s an extra-heavy emphasis on surfing, Valleys and other SoCal aspects of life, c. 1982. This one’s much more thematic about the whole L.A. lifestyle weltanschauung than the ensuing two albums to come (English As A Second Language and Neighborhood Rhythms – both of which I’ve posted before).  There’s also a lot less music than the other albums, with much more emphasis on poetry and prose.

Download (224.8 megs)


  1. I’ve been looking for this album for over a decade! I used to own the vinyl and lost it over time. But when I hit your link, it says that it’s not available. eek. I see your post is dated January 4, 2014, so wonder if it’s just a glitch? If not, is it possible to post the album again? I’ll check back here daily. Thank you!

  2. You are a SAINT for posting this! Kinda weird going back to my boyhood so vividly, but glad for the opportunity.
    Was actually talking to my friend Stella (track 41) the other day.

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