John Fahey Mix Tape

I don’t post much stuff here outside of my radio programs and ocassional music projects but this is definitely worth your time.

It’s a SoundCloud collection from nbradio that was a cassette tape compiled by Avant-Folk guitarist John Fahey, given to the uploader’s wife when she was a record store clerk in Portland, OR in the 90s. Fahey would’ve been living at the time in nearby(ish) Salem OR, reportedly drying out his liver and trying to get himself straghtened out and creatively solvent again.

But the tape is freaking amazing! Some of it is obviously his own earlier work but the rest of it defies description, other than that there’s some serious Industrial Music crap going on here. Some of it sounds the same so I wonder if it’s the same artist? There’s at least on track that sounds either like early Severed Heads, Tape Beatles or something like Crawling With Tarts. I could definitely hear this stuff coming out of the 80s/90s cassette revolution. Pretty weird, somewhat numbing stuff.

Or are they Fahey’s own musical creations – him fiddling around with tapes, turntables and/or samplers? He was a record collector and – by account of one of my friends – who met him around that time – was getting into minimalism to the point where “..needless to say, the folk guitar crowd were baffled and dropped him cold” – in the words of my friend.

The WFMU music nerderati are also on this, so no doubt a playlist will emerge soon. Check it out and please comment on the Soundcloud page if you recognize anything. I’m intrigued and hope to find out who is ultimately responsible for the bulk of the music on these tapes.

John Fahey Mix Tapes

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