Firesign Theatre Interview from 1970

March 2, 2014
You need the Duke of Madness Motors set!

You need the Duke of Madness Motors set!

I’m pleased to have presented The Firesign Theatre’s classic 70s radio programs (Radio Hour Hour, Dear Friends and Let’s Eat!) on KBOO Community Radio for the last two years.

After exhausting nearly every episode, other than the Radio Hour Hour shows – which, paradoxically, run nearly one and a half hours each – in an hourly slot on Monday evenings, we decided to terminate the run of the show.
While fun, it was sort of a burden to come all the way down to the station late into the evening on a work night and push play on a CD. If the shows ran under an hour, I might play an album cut or two. I would often purposely not listen to the show I was selecting so that I could listen to it while it aired. I never had to worry about the program quality, thanks in no small part to the beautiful job of restoring them by Taylor Jessen. In fact, the whole Duke of Madness Motors book and DVDR is worth its weight in gold. You not only get all those hilarious and relatively unheard shows but the book is fantastic. There are recollections by Peter Bergman
, Phil Proctor, Phil Austin and David Ossman, collages by Proctor, assorted articles, photos and ephemera and an amazingly accurate and detailed run-sheet for every single episode of the show. Want to know exactly where the Deputy Dan excerpt happened, or where the Chinchilla Show took place? It’s in the book. I recommend you snatch up a copy, now!

Anyway, I digress…

So, for the last episode, we had a real treat for Fireheads. KBOO volunteer and Firesign fan Ken Jones brought us an unheard in decades interview with Firesign, from November of 1970, recorded when he was a seventeen year old high school student. Ken joins me on the air and sets up the interview, shares his recollections of meeting them and we talk about Firesign.

Radio puppets!

Radio puppets!

We also have on as guests the folks who’ll be occupying the former Firesign slot, Radio Puppet Theatre and they tell us what we can expect from them in the future.


Play Firesign Interview
Download (59:43)


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