Repost: Crazy Found Record: Don and John Lampien

I Won’t Say I Love You/BW The Sheik of Araby

Low budget looking 7 inch 45 rpm I found in a christian thrift store.
I couldn’t pass it up; it had all the marks of a homemade record or at the very least a vanity recording of the type where some truck driver scraped up enough money to cut a record. Plus, it was from nearby Seaside Oregon, so my curiosity was doubly piqued.

How can I describe these recordings? On the a-side, one of the Lampien brothers (I’m assuming) croons a heartfelt love song while someone does a fair Helen Wiggins of The Shaggs impersonation, barely keeping time and switching the accent from snare to high-hat mid-song.

A-Side: I Won’t Say I Love You

On the flip, we have a swinging country song that incorporates the old standard The Sheik of Araby and while the drumming Lampien manages to keep time well enough this time around (I’m guessing the boys learned how studio playback worked by this point), the song incorporates a Donald Duck-like voice as counterpoint to the singing.

B-Side: The Sheik of Araby


I immediately rushed back to the store and bought every copy they had.



  1. really this was a fabulous entertainer who played steel for the great Hank Williams when he was 19 years old in 1948 on the Louisiana High Ride His Name is Donald Lampien speak his name with respect Great Find

  2. OH and he wrote the song for my mom they were married for 46 years before he left us to soon I wont say I love you till I mean it

  3. ohhhh and I want to let you know that’s my brother on the drums who played music every night in a honky tonk to put food on the table to feed us all and I thank him for it Thank you John Lampien I love you

  4. John was the best drummer we ever had at our church in Seaside! Yup,he left the honky tanks and found Jesus! 🙂

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