Repost: Sears, Inc.: Demonstration Disc Sears #9235

May 23, 2014

A favorite weird found seven inch I’ve had for years.

It’s a one-sided, 33 1/3 RPM that apparently was a training aid for stereo salespeople.

There’s somewhat of an attempt at production value and it’s plenty humorous, with a sort of Gary Owens-like announcer/narrator and a cute female voice that responds to everything with a coo or interjection like ‘groovy‘ or ‘dynamite‘.

The narrative runs us through the various features of the 9235 (whatever that was) with music and the sounds of adjustments being made.

The opening narrator refers to the recording as ‘a tape’, so this may have also been on cassette, open reel or 8-track tape and the inclusion on 7 inch may have been an afterthought.

It was plenty hammered by the time I found it – without a cover in the bottom of some 50 cent bin at a thrift store. I made no attempts to clean it up or compress it. I exported it at 320kbps, so have at it. It could probably use some de-clicking and some de-essing, especially on the girl’s parts. But there’s plenty of cool dialog and one-liners for you DJs looking for cool retro soundbites. As far as I know, this isn’t anywhere on the web.

I’ve played this many times on my radio shows. I really like it.

[audio http://chardman.sauceruney.com/music/temp/sears.mp3]
Download (re-up’d 05/22/14)
I included also one isolated sample in the zip file because it’s both handy and I like it.



  1. This may have been played on the demo on the sales floor — endlessly — for the customers that passed by (the automatic changer would just put the needle back at the beginning whenever it reached the end). My guess is that this was to demo one of their “furniture console” stereos.

  2. I think you may be right. Or on tape, as the announcer says at the beginning. It does seem to be aimed at salespeople, rather than customers, though, so who knows?
    Googling Sears and 9235 does seem to bring up references to console systems. I think we had a Sears console stereo in our household when I was a kid.

  3. The year is likely 1972; the Carole King album played herein came out in December, ’71. (Hi, Rich!)

  4. I am sure you’re right, Jeff. On subsequent listens, it’s pretty obvious that most of the music used on it dates it around that time.
    I wish I knew who produced it and who the voice talent was.

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