A Four Hour Trip Through the Life, Times and Words of William S. Burroughs

I’ve been meaning to post this for some time but didn’t. I meant to present a more edited, expanded version, using stuff that didn’t make the cut by airtime and to also address the censoring of FCC-unfriendly language that was necessary to the show’s running time before what we call in radio ‘safe harbor‘ (you can’t say shit before 10pm on the public airwaves). I also wanted to cut out the frequent pitching breaks, as this was a pledge drive special for the station. We actually raked in a fair amount of cash for the station! Yay! So, think of that when you hear them.

But here it is. It was a joint effort between Daniel F. of The Outside World, Mr. CutUpSound Jim Larrance and myself and it aired on May 9th. Jim and I created montages to form the foundation of the program and Daniel deftly hosted and played music and Burroughs bits where he felt so moved and Jim also did some pretty cool live cutting up in the studio. It was a fun collaboration and I hope you like it.

I still might make the blown out, cut-up, director’s cut megamix version of this in the future.

Download (293.4 megs @ 192kbps)


  1. Is that music at the start the master musicians of joujouka?
    If so or even not can anyone tell me what it is from etc (any info on the music would be great)

  2. Yes, that is Master Musicians of Joujouka or Jajouka, depending on which faction you follow. I am not sure which album it’s from, though.
    Unfortunately, we didn’t take good notes on what was played on the air. I can look to see if there is a playlist posted to KBOO’s website but I don’t think anyone did it – it most likely would’ve been me and I don’t recall doing it.
    I should revisit my files and post the ‘director’s cut’ version. There was so much material prepared that didn’t air due to all the pledge drive interruptions.
    Thanks for listening to it and commenting!

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