Ira North – If I Were A Woman – Eden Records

Here’s a rip of a record the cover of which has been making the rounds the past year or so. It is a perennial favorite on all those ‘wacky record covers’ sites, due to the hilarious juxtaposition of the picture and the cluelessly out-of-touch title.

North is a pretty typical Deep South type preacher man, but he can get his captive audience rolling in the aisles with his homey, down-to-earth sense of humor.

The subject matter of this record, however, seems to be the total subordination of women, as per biblical doctrine. It’s pretty infuriating to listen to. Lots of craptacular sound-bites to be had for all you sample-heads.

Ironically enough, I found mine in a Salvation Army for a buck.



  1. Preached to a church of 5000 (before mega-churches existed) and edited a very successful magazine. He is known in churches of Christ for many things – but one that may not be apparent in this recording is the fact that he stood against racism. When the first African American couple wanted to place membership – he basically said to his all white church: Christ died to save all and either you accept them as members or you find another preacher. He also had a album that is entitled Benevolence. Many cite the sermon as causing lots of churches to reach out to the poor of their communities. The church where he preached is still known for its benevolence program. Do some research and you might find your first impressions challenged,

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