Radio Lost and Found for 9/25/14

This is the inaugural program for my new time slot. Radio Lost and Found can now be heard every 2nd and 4th Thursday on KBOO Community Radio.
Twice the fun!

Here it is. Hope you can tune in live, as well.


Playlist (times 10pm to 12am):

10:00PM KBOO Community Radio “Promo Spots” from “Promo Spots”
10:02PM Leonard Pennario “March of the Lunatics” from “The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario”
10:04PM Dennis Duck “Intro” from “Dennis Duck Does Disco”
10:05PM Morgan Fisher “Green and Pleasant” from “Miniatures”
10:06PM Nagy Feró “Come Of It” from “Hova Lett”
10:08PM Elsa Popping And Her Pixieland Band “Perles De Cristal” from “Delirium In Hi-Fi”
10:12PM National Lampoon “Demonstration: Several Parameters” from “Official National Lampoon Stereo And Test Record”
10:16PM Stevens and Grdnic “Unisex Stereo/Miss Information” from “Somewhere Over the Radio”
10:23PM Chrome “March Of The Chrome Police (A Cold Clamey Bombing)” from “Half Machine Lip Moves”

—Times approximate after here: lots of mixing going on —-

10:25PM City of Torrence Police Department “Riot Prevention” from “Found Film”
10:26PM Vice News “Ferguson MO” from “Livestream”
10:27PM Chrome “You’ve Been Duplicated” from “Half Machine Lip Moves”
10:32PM Negativland “Content!” from “Live at The Crystal Ballroom”
10:37PM Sir Richard Bishop “Untitled” from “Elektronika Demonika”
10:38PM Demonstrators in Ferguson MO “”What do we want?”” from “YouTube”
10:43PM The Tape Beatles “Waves” from “Music With Sound”
10:44PM Sonic Youth with Jim O’Rourke “Invito Al Ĉielo” from “Invito Al Ĉielo”
10:47PM Forrest McCullough “Flight F-I-N-A-L pt.1” from “Flight F-I-N-A-L…A Dramatic Comparison To Death”
11:01PM The Tape Beatles “Ear Lids” from “Music With Sound”

11:02PM Set break—

11:04PM Mitchel Davidovitz “You’re Just Supposed to Listen and Say Yes” from “Window of Normalization” —
11:08PM Mitchel Davidovitz “Act Normal” from “Window of Normalization”
11:10PM Mitchel Davidovitz “Woman Power/Bad Bra Day” from “Window of Normalization”
11:14PM Mitchel Davidovitz “24/7 Professional Monitoring” from “Window of Normalization”
11:18PM Mitchel Davidovitz “It’s the “Entertainment” That Matters” from “Window of Normalization”

11:19PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: László Hortobágyi ‎– 6th All-India Music Conference —

11:20PM Sinoia Caves “1966 – Let the New Age of Enlightenment Begin” from “Beyond the Black Rainbow (Original Soundtrack)”
11:37PM Sinoia Caves “Sentionauts II” from “Beyond the Black Rainbow (Original Soundtrack)”
11:40PM Delia Derbyshire “Running” from “The Dreams”
11:49PM Craig Leon “Details Suggest Fidelity To Fact” from “Nommos/Visiting: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1”
11:52PM Craig Leon “The Customs Of The Age Disturbed” from “Nommos/Visiting: Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1”
11:58PM Shooby Taylor “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from “The Human Horn”

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