Radio Lost and Found for 04/09/15

rlf gods-01

We did a little tribute to Stan Freberg, who passed away the other day, then some crazy mixed up stuff.



Playlist (times from 10pm to 12am):

10:00PM KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots
10:03PM Stan Freberg – John and Marsha – Great Seal of Freberg
10:05PM Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
10:07PM The Android Sisters – Ray-Dee-Oh – Songs Of Electronic Despair
10:10PM Stan Freberg with Sarah Vaughan – Who Listens to Radio? – 1965 Radio Advertising Bureau
10:11PM Stan Freberg – Why Should I Advertise On Radio? – 1964 Radio Advertising Bureau
10:12PM Stan Freberg – St George and the Dragonet – Uncle Stan Wants You
10:15PM Stan Freberg – Little Blue Riding Hood – Uncle Stan Wants You
10:18PM Stan Freberg – Oregon! Oregon! – Oregon! Oregon!
10:42PM National Association of Broadcasters – Radio, the Sound of Year Long Pleasure – NAB 65
10:43PM Sean Dunne – “god bless america” – Florida Man (Film)

10:43PM Set break — Background: Radio, the Sound of Year Long Pleasure, Orchestral version

10:45PM Arno Peeters – Warshipping DOT Matrix (excerpt) – Aeroson
10:45PM April Nine – Radioactivity – Trans Slovenia Express
10:48PM Columbia School of Broadcasting – Course In Radio Announcing Phase One – Course 1
10:50PM Arno Peeters – SWitch – Aeroson
10:53PM Accutrac – Owner’s Introduction – Accutrac 4000: Seeing Is Believing
10:54PM Arno Peeters – Duesday – Aeroson
10:57PM Angry Caller – “Listen, moron!” – Found Phone Messages
11:58PM Tod Dockstader – Rotary – Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol.2
10:56PM Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call (remix) – SoundCloud
11:08PM Gary Numan v. Robert Palmer – I Dream Rewired – SoundCloud:
11:11PM Noah Creshevsky – Great Performances (excerpt) – The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky, 1971-92
11:12PM L. Ron Hubbard – Funeral Of A Planet – Battlefield Earth
11:17PM L. Ron Hubbard – March Of The Psychlos – Battlefield Earth
11:20PM The Love Band – That’s Just the Way It Is, By Golly – The Oneness Space

11:26PM – Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

11:28PM Eugene Chadbourne – The Secret of the Cooler (excerpt) – The Secret of the Cooler Cassette
11:36PM Neil Dick – Something Wonderful Happened (The Basketball Song) – The Future is Now
11:41PM Judson Fountain – Granny, Sing No More! – Completely In The Dark
11:47PM The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World – Philosophy of The World
11:50PM Kunio Miyauchi – ??? – Godzilla’s Revenge OST
11:53PM Man or Astro-Man? – Mystery Science Theater 3000 Love Theme – Destroy All Astromen
11:54PM Century 21 – Power 104 Jingle Demos – Steamroller ’81

11:56PM  – Set break –

11:57PM Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs


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