Radio Lost and Found for 06/25/15

June 27, 2015


Lots of weird mixing and longish pieces. Must be the heat.

Something for Patrick Macnee, who passed away this day and a long mix by Portland artist Ballo!o!ga, some of the brand spankin’ new Orb and more!


Playlist (times from 10:00PM to 12:00AM):

10:00PM KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots
10:02PM Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman – Kinky Boots – 7”
10:04PM Laurie Johnson – Avengers Theme – YouTube
10:06PM Set break — Intro – Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics
10:07PM Keith Textor – Radio, the Sound of Year Long Pleasure (instrumental) – NAB 65
10:08PM Mink Stole – “I hate you!” – Desperate Living
10:08PM Ballo!o!ga – Suturing the Beats – a psychedelic playground – SoundCloud
10:38PM Set break — Background: OMD – Architecture and Morality
10:40PM The Orb – God’s Mirrorball – Moonbuilding 2703 AD
10:48PM Alfonso Brescia (dir.) – War of the Robots – War of the Robots (1978 It.)
10:54PM The Orb – Moonscapes 2703 BC (excerpt) – Moonbuilding 2703 AD
10:55PM Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity – Innocence and Despair
11:01PM Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA
11:01PM László Dubrovay – “A²” – “A²”/Oscillations Nos. 1-3
11:03PM Donald Hoffman – Do We See Reality As It Really Is? – TED Talks
11:12PM Jed Johnson/Susan Tyrell – Arousal Problems – Andy Warhol’s Bad
11:13PM László Dubrovay – Oscillations No. 3 – A² – / Oscillations Nos. 1-3
11:18PM Brian Gascoigne ‎ – Phase I – Phase IV OST
11:23PM David Foley & Mark McKinney – “We Don’t Want You To Eat Our Bible” (looping) – Kids In The Hall
11:24PM Brian Gascoigne ‎ – Phase I – Phase IV OST
11:26PM Gil Melle – Elgin Marble – Tome VI
11:33PM Baird Hersey & David Moss – Monastic View – Coessential
11:39PM Tim Berne – Sigh Fry – Science Friction (feat. Tom Rainey, Marc Ducret & Craig Taborn)
11:51PM Ernest Hood – After School (excerpt) – Neighborhoods
11:55PM Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman – Let’s Keep It Friendly – 7”
11:57PM Century 21 – Power 104 Jingle Demos – Steamroller ’81
11:57PM Set break — Outro – Children’s Starlight Chorus – E.T., I Love You


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